Bengbu Economic Development Zone is a provincial development zone approved by the provincial government on 21 Aug., 2001. It locates in the city center, with such symbol buildings or scenic areas embodied as Jinghu High Speed RailwayStation, the city administration office center, Bengbu city guest hall—Huaihe Cultural Plaza, Bengbu new city card—Longzi Lake Scenic Spot, a state 4A scenic area,Bengbu college town, college S/T park. Here the transportation is convenient,environment elegant and proper for living, business and tourism.
       The former area under the Zone administration covered 46.9 square kilometers, including the former airport and its southern area, Longzi Lake Scenic Spot, Mountain Zhuizi Forest Park. According to the city CPC Committee and the city government resolution, the Lin Gang Economic Development Zone with an area of 53 km2 was established under Bengbu Economic Development Zone governance in May 2013. By now Bengbu Economic Development Zone has reached 100 km2. At present Bengbu Economic Development Zone is composed of 2community affairs service centers, 2 street offices,1 town, 24  neighborhood committees, 22 administrative villages, 21 schools, with a total population of 300 thousand.
        Along with the Ling Gang Economic Development Zone formally joining in, Bengbu Economic Development Zone meets an opportunity for new development. The Zone will definitely seize the grave opportunity to realize new overstepping development by closely focusing on Bengbu Dream “Pearl City Renaissance”. Next the Zone will concentrate on the development of such key areas as new Binhu District, College S/T town, the Ling Gang Development Zone. It is our plan that all efforts will be spared to build the Zone to be a “Best District” with reasonable function subdivision, transcendent concept, perfect facilities, good environment and scientific administration through further extending east and south and promoting the urban carrying capacity. Efforts shall also be made to accelerate the building of its modern industry system conforming to proper function position, resource, region competitive advantages. By then the Zone will become a new growth engine of the whole city economy with modern service industry concentrating, modeling culture, high-end manufacturing, independent innovation, industry-structure upgrading, industry-scale expansion and key competition strengthening.We will make overall arrangements to promote the development of education, employment, public health and social security which affect the vital interests of the people. Land resettlement shall be attached more attention so as to protect the rights of housing, working and living of such farmers. The proper integration of city development and village growth will accelerate the step of village integrating into city and farmers resettling in urban residence. By then all the people living in the Zone will enjoy their life here when the unity of city and countryside is realized.